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Visio diagrams embeded in word not drawing properly

Started by stubbo66, June 14, 2016, 03:47:22 PM

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In the last week something has changed with how Visio and Word seem to render visio diagrams, specifically related to shading and colour.

I'll try and explain......

I have a word document with lots of visio diagrams and many have shading in flowchart shapes, or flow diagrams in swimlanes. all was fine and I woulc cut and paste from visio to word without any problem.

All of a sudden, when I pasted a diagram I'd been updating for months, the cell shading suddenly went a solid colour. If I double click on the diagram in word it opens the in place editor and shows the shading, but when I go back to view mode it's a solid colour again. If I back the change out (undo) the original diagram still shows the shading properly.

I've had the same thing happen with swimlanes, I updated a diagram that had nice white swimlanes, when I pasted it into word they all turned blue.

What's going on? I've looked for settings everywhere and can't find anything. Even tried a reboot and a repair of office and visio but none of that has worked.

My office PC has visio 2013 on it and it still copies and pastes fine from the same visio document, I'm stumped.....what's going on.

Any help appreciated.


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