Copying Document Shape Sheet Sections by Dragging

Started by JuneTheSecond, February 14, 2009, 10:29:53 AM

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  User-defined section, shape data section and hyperlink section in the document sheet can be copied to another document by dragging a master shape. This Visio nature is combined with the Shape Clones idea using "SetAtRef" function(
Unzip the downloaded file and open any vsd file. The stencils "Page Tags.vss" and/or "ThemeColorsEffects.vss" will open. Please enable VBA macros.
The stencil "Page Tags.vss" has master shapes about page tags, page name, file name and free text. In these shapes Width, Height, PinX and PinY are referred to the document sheet and reflect to each kind of shape. For example the page Tag1 on the page 1 and page 2 have same location on the page, same width and height., and has same line types and same fill colors. For more details, please refer to the text on the drawings.
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