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Started by dtallent, March 28, 2016, 02:41:39 PM

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I have turned off something and not sure what. My issue involves several diferent plans so I know it is not one in particular. Say I insert a wall on my drawing and I want to add a dimension to it, I select the wall and right click the mouse. It pulls up the box that allows me to Flip the wall, Add a Guide, Add Dimension, set display options and so on. My format shape option is also in this box. If I cick any of the top 4 it does nothing. Format shape will open though. I inserted a door in the wall and selected it to try and reverse the door and it will not work. What have I done that has locked me out of selecting the top commands in this box. I know this sounds generic, but I am fairly new to Visio. thanks.

Hey Ken


Perhaps you have macros disabled?  To be sure, exit Visio, then re-open your drawing.  If macros are involved, as soon as you open it there'll be a prompt asking you to enable macros.  Click it.  In some versions of Visio it's not a very obvious prompt.

If that doesn't do it, I bet people are going to ask you for a lot more details, such as:  What version of Visio are you running?  Can you upload a sanitized sample that shows the problem?

Good luck!

- Ken
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Thanks Hey Ken. That gave me an idea of what to look for. I added must have turned o the macros. I figured out how to turn them on in Macro security and enabled them. It worked. Thanks again.