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ShapeSheets for elements of master

Started by YossiD, June 02, 2021, 06:05:16 AM

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I want to change a property of one element of of a master. Since that property is not visible in the ShapeSheet of the master, I have to ungroup the shape, thus severing its link to the master. Is there a way to access the ShapeSheets of master shape sub-elements without ungrouping?



Hi, YossiD !
What kind of element you need change ? You want do it via ShapeSheet environment or via VBA/etc ?

Paul Herber

When you edit the shape, use the right-click Group menu, not only will you see a menu item Ungroup but also an Open <group name>. This is what you want to use. Select the sub-shape you want, the edit its shapesheet.
Or use the Master Explorer window to select the part of the master you want to edit.
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Thanks Paul. This is exactly what I'm looking for, but unfortunately I don't have it in Visio 2003. Is there anything similar in 2003, or can be added somehow?


In Visio 2003 you can find this command in Edit toolbar

Or use hotkey Alt+E+O...


That's fantastic - thanks so much. How is it that never knew about that before?

In the best of all possible worlds I would think that the ShapeSheet for a master or for grouped shapes would provide access to all of the sub-ShapeSheets. Has that been implemented in more recent versions?

Thanks again; you made my day.


It's still the same in newer additions.

A slightly more obtuse way to do this is via the Drawing Explorer Window.  But it involves more "drill down" steps..
In the DEW, find desired page, expand it.  Then desired shape (real pain if there's lot of shapes).  Grouped shapes will have a "+" sign indictating you need to expand the shape.  You can then click on a sub shape and it will show as selected on drawing page.  Either from DEW or drawing page you can open the shapesheet.

If there's a lot of shapes on a page, you can temporarily create new blank page, copy desired shape to it.  Now DEW navigation much easier.

Yep.  Lot more steps!  😱  Just saying there's an alternative approach.  😬
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