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Batch Converter (PNG to VSS)

Started by Dmitry, February 09, 2009, 06:38:54 PM

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I'm looking for batch conversion utility to create single vss file from many graphics files (e.g png). Has anyone can recommend such software?


Haven't found anything, so ... have done it - if anyone is interested, download the attached file and feel free to use.
You'll be able:
- convert hundreds of graphics files into single Visio stencil file;
- create connection points (as many as you want).
Unzip & install, note it requires Visio 2003 or 2007 and NET Framework 3.5.


After reading this: Create Clean & Tidy Visio Shapes Using Images With Transparent Backgrounds, I've made improved version, now with automatic cropping and making transparent backgrounds. Still the same requirements.

Visio Guy

Wow, thanks Dmitry, very impressive!
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Even better one, with improvements: more connection points, better transparency etc...



Dimitri you rock!!!!!!

thanks very much for the app...  :)


Cool and wonderful!
I was wasting time with various tools to remove background!
Now it is almost automatic!
Thank you, Dimitri!
Best Regards,

Junichi Yoda


Any chance of this being done the other way as well?  Need to go from VSS to PNG.

Paul Herber

This can be done quite easily in VBA.

with empty page
for each shape in stencil {
  drop shape on page
  select all
  save as <>.png
  delete shape

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After some research I ended up using the interop in .Net, thanks for the reply.



Is there any means by which we can convert the imgaes to vdx file ????? i.e an *.jpg file to *.vdx file where we can have all the processes that are there in image mapped to vdx.


once your stencil has been made (.vss), save as .VSX (which is the xml version of a stencil).


Hey! I hope you read this. I have been using your PNG2VSS program for a while. It is utterly fantastic. My problem is - I have thousands of files to load in to VSS files. So your program helps - but I need to be able to run it at the command level. I.E.: c:>png2vss <Directory to convert>.

Is this possible? Hopefully you will see and respond to this post.  Thanks if you do in advance!

By the way - if you have the source code still and do not want to work on this - let me have the source code and I'll work on it myself and give you back the code. :-)


What you're asking for is already implemented. Look into manual, section 3.8.
The latest version is 5.4:

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