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Connectors Stop Working when AutoSize Makes Sheet Negative

Started by amybrowngreer, August 23, 2016, 08:15:33 PM

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I have some custom stencils, and the snap/glue would randomly stop working.  I have narrowed down the problem and replicated (consistently) in a small test case.

In the attached stencil, I have a simple block with connectors on each side (one of VISIO's default blocks and I just reset the connection type to 2).  I can drag blocks on and they snap to connection points with no problem, until the sheet auto sizes.  If the sheet auto sizes in a positive direction (to the right or top), I can continue to drop on blocks and their connectors work.  However, if I drag blocks on to the left and force an auto-size in the negative direction, the connectors stop working.  Some, like boxes on the right side of the sheet still have connectors that work, but new boxes in the negative page area do not work.

Ultimately, my stencil will go to users who may not be the most technologically savy, and having the connection points only work periodically will be a major pain.  If there are any work arounds (like some sort of VBA command I could execute on shape drop to "refresh" the connectors), I would be happy to hear them.

Thanks for your help.


I found that resetting the ruler origin to zero made the connectors start working again.  In the attached stencil, I call VBA code on drop and modify to automatically reset the ruler. 

It appears to also fix the connectors if you go into View - Show (expand the options) and then set Ruler zero to 0.

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