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Visio 2013 and custom properties / shape data

Started by vojo, January 28, 2016, 11:07:11 PM

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So finally got company to upgrade me from 2003 to 2013.  lots to digest and feel is ok

One quirk: 

- group of shapes (from a 2003 drawing)
- group and child shapes have custom properties and docmd(1312) in double click cell

So in 2003, can double click at group level or at child level....correct data comes u

So in 2013, 2 crazy things happen
- double at group takes me to child shape (same OS, same laptop, played with doubleclick settings in OS, etc)
  and presents child shape data in its own separate panel vs the 2013 shape data frame
- at the group level, if ignore double click and open shape data, it ALWAYs goes to shape data frame (no separate
  panel like child shapes

So the issue is really 2 fold
1. inconsistent use of shape data frame (meaning if shape data frame is the way, 2013 should not allow child to
    open their own separate panels.   I.e.  All one way or all the other way
2. Assuming one resigns to use shape data frame, it cuts down on drawing space.  I.e is there a way to put up in
    the menu space (can drag it there but then becomes a whole thick section of screen space used)
    or quick menu space (scroll  up/down the specific shape data fields)


Anybody have this problem / found a way for consistent usage

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