What is the name for this object?

Started by kir936, January 29, 2016, 09:53:26 AM

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Hi, I'm new here, first port. I'm not a heavy Visio user, but I wrote quite a bit of OLE automation code in different languages to drive Office applications, including Visio. So far the road was relatively smooth, until I decided to hone my "design skills".

I decided to create my own master shape in the stencil file (I was manipulating existing shapes before) and to speed up process I copied existing one, opened Master Explorer and deleted all Sheet's from the Shape, except one, the main one. I started adding new graphics elements and noticed that the shape is not centered vertically - there's a blue dotted line running across the shape with two connection points at the ends. I'd expect it to run at Y=0, but it actually runs above zero. I tried to move it to zero (I want to attach my new object to other objects which have connection points at Y=0) but I can't! There's no way to select this line or these connection points and move them. Any time I try to move, the shape moves or rotates. Now, my problem is how do I google for it? What is the name of this line in Visio? I'm googling for 3 hours already and came empty handed. I understand that I'm stupid and it's okay, but now I can't just erase everything and draw from scratch (which would have taken 30 minutes instead of hours) and I _need_ know what this "baseline" is and how to manipulate it.

Bonus question: how to get/alter the position of this line programmatically? It's probably some Cell, and I just need to know its name.

I'm attaching the picture of the shape and the line in question.  Another thing I totally do not understand is why the Height is just 0.0004" while it's obviously not. If I select the whole "page" though, it correctly shows 1.1".

Thanks a lot in advance.




If you resize window Size & Position you can see this shape Name ! In your case it if FC Module


:-) I know the shape name (I named it myself) I need to know what's the name (in Visio terms) of this blue dashed line on the screenshot. I need to move this line down (to Y=0) but don't know how and can't google it because I don't know the proper term.



It is aligment box, but your shape have 1d behavour i.e. that box height is 0


This line is your shape.
Shape is the group with the behavior of the line.
And the rest of the picture - is shape that built into the group. His behavior - 2D shape.
Such a line can not be omitted. But it is possible to raise the embedded shape so that its bottom would coincide with the line.


Great, thank you so much guys!

I understand that 1D behaviour is forced on the shape to prevent uneven scaling when resizing? I always thought that this is achieved by formulae in the shapesheet, but grouping a 1D object with 2D shape looks like a much easier approach.

Спасибо :-)


Та, было б за шо

kir936, do you know that this shape under Copyright© ?


Absolutely, I'm not going to distribute the result. (attaching it here is de-facto distribution, but it has zero value, so I guess it's ok. It could be considered "quoting" under copyright law, as the purpose of distribution would be to ask the question).