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Started by jmw_visio, January 06, 2016, 06:09:19 PM

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After adding a lot of Shape Data, I discovered that the Shape Data Dialog Form only shows a limited amount of the properties. I created a Fixed List Shape Data Field to use as a lookup to hide certain Fields based on this. It works great on the Shape Data Window that comes up if you select Shape Data from the right click menu. But when I use the Shape Dialog Window it seems when I change a field and/or the Fixed List, it doesn't update the field until I close, thus hiding/unhiding doesn't work unless I close and reopen the shape data dialog form.
Any ideas on getting the data to update and the dialog to redraw or reload based on this edit?



Hi jmw,
I guess this a fundamental thing.
The data window considers that each input is a complete input. Visio processes the data and you get the result.
In the data dialog the processing begins when you hit the OK button.
I personally think it's fine to work with the data window only.
In your case - if you think it is really necessary to have a dialog - it would probably be easier to create your own input dialogs (VBA forms).



Thanks for the reply.

Just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything to easily get it to update.
Yes the Data Window on the right works fairly well.
My users just might find the dialog a little easier to look at, but not a big deal.

Was thinking of a custom dialog form, but not really wanted to put the effort into it at this point.

Thanks Again

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