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Next version question

Started by Orionizer, February 04, 2015, 08:32:23 PM

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Hi all, I am VERY new to Visio.  I'm looking to purchase soon, however I was wondering if anyone has heard any rumors on whether the next version will bring back the Database reverse engineering?  I can't seem to find anything on the web about it.  If it's a possibility, I will probably wait.

Thanks in advance!

Also, sorry if this is in the wrong forum.  I couldn't figure out where to put a question like this.

Paul Herber

Database reverse engineering has been moved into Visual Studio, so the chances of getting it back into Visio is as close to zero ...
Unless someone else writes an addon ...
Electronic and Electrical engineering, business and software stencils for Visio -


Although it is not Visio, if you want a good free tool for database reverse engineering and data model work generally, I can recommend Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeller.  It will handle databases other than Oracle (reverse and round trip)

It's not FOSS, but there is a free license with no support (support for the tool is available if you have an Oracle Database license and support agreement)

Needs a Java install.

As installed, no easy way to exchange the diagrams with Visio.

Tool is programmable so you can write your own extensions.

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