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Generating events on multiple timelines

Started by JoachimD, December 15, 2015, 02:53:13 PM

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Hello all,

I am creating a tool for planning and visualizing the loading track usage in a freight terminal(trains). To this end I have used the timeline feature in Visio. The timelines represent the 18 loading tracks during 24 hours of traffic, hence I have placed 18 timelines in one visio drawing.

The track usage plan per day is generated from an excel sheet containing information about the train, destination track, loading time interval on track and so on.

Ideally I would like to generate(send) the intervals(trains) on the corresponding timelines(tracks). In order to do this, I need to link the destination track information from the track usage plan to the timeline name. The timelines are uniquely named using a database. Does anyone have any experience with this kind of approach?

At the current stage, the intervals are generated from the external data window but placed randomly on timelines - hence I am forced to manually move them to the correct timeline.

any help is much appreciated!


Hi Joachim,
nice idea to use a timeline, but I would suggest to build your tool from scratch. The reason is, you are much more flexible in configuring the tool to your needs.
Some while ago I developed a solution for a forum member, who's problem was similar to yours.
The shapes positions and geometries were driven by the external data. I believe you can easily adapt the solution to your problem.



Thanks for the tip and files, Yacine!

Managed to work around the problem, so for now I will deliver the planning tool using timelines - but I will definetly look into your approach when upgrading it.

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