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Conditional Formulas to control Layer Visibility

Started by AlexHP, November 16, 2015, 09:12:30 PM

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OK, I'm on the verge of blowing my brains out here so I hope someone can help me with this...  :o

As usual, it seems that Visio does not work with formulas the way you might expect. I have two layers that have similar conditions on them for visibility. I am referencing values which I placed into the Document Shapesheet so that it is common to all pages. Here are the two formulas I am using:

Layer #1:

Layer @2:

The problem appears to be with the Prop.UnitCtrl condition. It seems that because it is text (i.e. letter instead of number) that Visio is ignoring it whereas if I change it to a number I can get the condition to work. Now, before anyone says "Then just make it a number", I can't. The letter is part of a model number code string which has both numbers and letters in it and must remain as is. So, what the heck am I doing wrong or what the heck is Visio doing wrong... or both. Please help!!! Thank you.



And, of course, right after I posted this question, I found an answer. And, also as is for Visio, it has to be done a "special" way. I turns out that I have to use STRSAME in order to compare text, or string, values. Therefore, my two formulas would be:




respectively. Of course. Why would it not be that way...  ???



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