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Resize shapes without distorting

Started by dwel, November 06, 2015, 04:53:48 PM

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I am new to Visio, but I try to act like it. I have shapes (hopefully the correct term - library blocks in AutoCAD) that I need to resize at times. For example I have some that are capsule shaped that I need to change the length of, but I don't want to change the radius of the arc on each end. I am weary of testing and trying. I have found information on 1-D and 2-D, grouping, but have not been able to learn the secrets.



Paul Herber

It all depends on how the shape was created, internally the shape contains what is called a shapesheet that contains the numbers and formula that describe the shape. If you post a document containing an example of this shape then we can have a look at it. As with many things it's the details that matter.
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Paul is correct, in that there are a variety of ways to create a "capsule" shape.  One method, a simple way, is to draw a rectangle and then "bow" the ends.  Attached shows shape behavior after it has been modified.  Changes to the initial shapesheet are indicated.

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