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Visio 2013 won't display Recent Drawings when I go to re-open them on my new PC

Started by danmeyer01, November 14, 2015, 10:31:08 PM

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I installed Visio 2013 on a new laptop, and when I go to re-open a drawing that I recently worked on, it doesn't display under the File, Open sequence.  At first they did, and then when I reached 20, it quit updating, so I deleted all the files, and only one more has shown up in the list since then. 

I'm running a Dell Inspiron with Windows 7.  Other MS Office 2013 programs work fine in this respect (showing recent files.)  I've checked all options settings against my old PC and previous load of Visio 2013, and it seems like it should be working.  Any ideas out there?

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