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Save to AutoCAD crashes Visio

Started by RobJ, October 01, 2015, 04:06:48 PM

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I have a room layout done using the floor layout. Exporting these to AutoCAD in 2010 was just a case of doing a 'save as', but every time I try this in 2013 it crashes Visio. There are no constructive error messages, only that it has stopped working. The layout is based on a scaled drawing that I brought in from AutoCAD and uses rooms that I have adapted from the standard masters by setting the wall widths to our standard and saving in 'favourites'. I have fully ungrouped the imported drawing and ungrouped the rooms to the point where they are only wall sections and further ungrouping is forbidden by shape protection. Any solutions, please as I need to be able to convert to AutoCAD!


 ??? Something odd has been going on. I have just failed again to do the conversion, so I closed all but one layer (to see if I could identify the problem layer), and successfully saved the reduced drawing to AutoCAD. I then added the layers back in one at a time, each time it saved until I had all the layers back in! It might have been interference from a layer imported from AutoCAD with 0 elements on the drawing, but deleting these before the layer-by-layer conversions didn't help. So I have no information apart from the problem seems to have gone away!

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