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edit UML diagram after copying to non-UML documents

Started by mike2016, June 20, 2016, 06:44:19 PM

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Can someone help me with my problem please? I completely got stuck with this.

I draw a bunch of diagrams using UML in vision 2010. Then I copied them to non-UML page and continued editing in there.
Now what happened is that I cannot change some properties of classes, some dialogs are not available if this is not UML diagram template. However, I can change some properties, e.g. class name if I press F2.

I also cannot come back to UML template, when I copy my diagram to UML template, the text is getting logs, like instead of correct class names I get class1 or class 2.

Can someone help me please?

Is there any way to edit UML diagrams in non-UML template?

Thank you!

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