Calculating Inputs and Outputs of Linked Shapes

Started by derekdd30, March 08, 2016, 05:49:02 PM

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Hello to all from a newbie to this blog

I apologize in advance if I am asking a question that has been asked. I have searched for a while and can't seem to find the answer to my question.

I am trying to figure out how to create shapes that will calculate the output based on the input. For example if I have a shape that is a cable TV amplifier and it has an input level of x with a gain of y I would like the output Z to display at the output. I will be changing the gain on each shape to the desired levels. I would then like to be able to connect the output to the input of another shape and have that shape perform calculations.

I am using an old version of visio, 2003 and realize I will probably have to upgrade for this feature if it is in fact available.

Does anyone know if this can be done? if so how it is done?



Sounds like this is something akin to June's calculation shapes...maybe reach out to him for guidance


Hi Derek,
You may want to check this link:
It does not really answer your question, as you probably don't need dynamically editable formulas and the links are made by references to shape IDs instead of connectors.
Anyway, it shows several techniques on how to calculate with Visio and use the result in other shapes.