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Shape Alignment: Face to Face and Diagonal Corners

Started by wapperdude, September 08, 2015, 12:29:26 AM

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Visio provides basic alignment options which nicely align shapes along an edge or about the shape centers.  However, the alignment tool doesn't do butt joints, that is, facing edge to facing edge.  Nor, does it do corner to corner.  Paul Herber and I collaborated on a new utility which has been added to his Super Utilities.  This new utility does these missing alignment options, plus, allows the user to glue the shapes to each other if desired.

Access of this utility is thru menu bar > Super Utilities > Shape > Align and Glue.  This brings up a non-modal form which presents the various alignment options plus gluing. 

At least two shapes must be selected.  For face to face alignment, the shapes must be orthogonal, i.e., -90deg, 0deg, +90deg.  For diagonal alignment, this restriction is removed.  Alignment of the shapes proceeds in the order of their selection.  The 1st selected shape is the base shape.  The remaining shapes align around this shape according to the option selected.  The diagonals only radiate to the right, either upwards or downwards.  Gluing is only along the alignment direction which allows the shapes to slide along the alignment edge.

The attached file is a composite of all the various alignments, where Sheet.1 was always the base shape. 

My thanks to Paul Herber for his help on this project.

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Paul Herber

Mr Wapperdude is being extremely modest. It was his idea, he did all the designing, coding and debugging in VBA, created all the rather complicated formulae involved. All I did was to take Wapperdude's code and translate it into Lazarus (Delphi) Free Pascal.
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