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Sharepoint 2013 Visio Service "Refresh Conflicts"

Started by noodleNT, July 31, 2015, 06:23:52 PM

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I have SharePoint 2013 OnPrem with Visio Services configured. I have a Visio diagram that is link to a SQL View that gives me a "Status" health score of every server. 0 = OK, 10 = Informational, 20 = Warning, 30 = Major, 40 = Critical. I use this to populate Data Graphics under the Servers in my Visio diagram. Everything is linked up and working great.  I even followed this blog to make sure my Data Connections functioned correctly.

I confirmed with Excel and a Trace on the SQL server that SharePoint and Office Web Apps (OWA) is using the correct Data Connection submitted to my Data Connection Library. The Excel refreshes with new data without errors when I click the Refresh button in OWA.

However, when I use the same connection with my Visio, I see Visio Services using the correct Secure Store account and Connection through the SQL trace. BUT I then get a warning in Visio Web App that says I have "Refresh Conflicts" and the drawing does not refresh. I click details and get the following error:

Visio Web Access

Visio Service Could not refresh all the data in the diagram because the structure of data in the data source has changed.

Please open the drawing in Visio and update the data connection information.

I open up the Visio Diagram in the client and everything is fine. I click refresh and everything updates as expected. Any idea on how to resolve this Visio\SharePoint error message?

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