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New! Embed YouTube Videos in Posts

Started by Visio Guy, May 19, 2008, 10:26:12 PM

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Visio Guy

I've installed a mod that allows you to use to embed YouTube videos in your posts. This is an exciting new avenue that will allow us to explain stuff visually to those with Visio questions!

To insert a video, just encapsulate the idea between 'youtube' BBCode tags, like this:

[ youtube ]IaGETs5q104[ /youtube ]

Note: no spaces between the brackets. (I couldn't get the escaping to work...)

Here's the example above in action:

The only problem with YouTube is that the video quality isn't quite good enough for doing software demos or instructional videos. Can anybody recommend another (free) service that might be more appropriate for this forum, or are there any special tweaks that can be done to YouTube videos?

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I just did a quick search, downloaded a few freeware programs, and one possibility is

Not very fancy, but lets you select a portion of the screen and records MPEG4 with audio.

I was ideally looking for one that lets you zoom and allows for the recording frame to follow the mouse. Something like, but for Windows.


Think Chris his problem is with the quality of youtube, not his capturing software.
Me, being a total world of warcraft nut, watch my friends in action from time to time, though most mirrors for movies are exclusive to gaming. This one isnt, and it looks decent. Vimeo

Though read the pollicies, I don't know if tutorials are allowed (Plenty of them on there...):
QuoteThe main difference between the site and other competing video sharing services such as YouTube is that Vimeo allows only user-created videos, of a "friends and family" nature. No pornography, TV shows, music videos, movies or anything not created by the user can be uploaded. Vimeo has gained a reputation[1] as catering to a high end, artistic crowd because of its higher bitrate, resolution, and relative HD support.

O, I just recall another one. VideoJug made especially for tutorials

- Lars

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