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Background Failing to be included in a foreground export to JPG (erratically)

Started by MilesT, February 15, 2015, 12:01:38 PM

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Version: Visio 2013

Has anyone had a problem with backgrounds failing to be included in a foreground export to JPG/PNG etc?

I am having this issue on a fairly complex diagram/Visio pack.  Copy Drawing and paste spacial as bitmap or EMF into Powerpoint works OK (but makes the powerpoint bigger than a jpeg import and this is not the "commonly accepted" way to do this to get small Powerpoint files).

I have tried replicating the issue with a simpler pack, thought I had it at one point but it has gone away again.

It's clear that Visio has different rendering engine code in use for various routes to bitmap form (maybe the bitmap/EMF paste is a generic windows once that converts from whatever format Visio posts to the clipboard, which would be based on the screen render).

Anyone else seen this?  Any clues?

Features of the pack which may be triggering this (I haven't the time right now to work out which is triggering the issue):

  • Edited with a mixture of 2003, 2007, 2010 (and now 2013 pro)
  • Started out as a diagram with many layers, including a locked "background" layer (original creator didn't know about layers or background pages, and decided once they found out about layers to make the background a locked layer to make editing easier)
  • Diagram converted to use background pages (pack has multiple drawings sharing a background, and multiple backgrounds) as this is the "best practice" way to do this, as far as I understand
  • Background elements deassigned from layers, and unreferenced layers removed (other approaches tried to ensure background showed)
  • Foreground still has lots of layers (and needs them)
  • .vsd file format (did have macro/action buttons but these removed)
  • Printer currently set to "Send to Onenote 2013"

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