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How to create categories in startup menu with multiple templates?


Hello All,

Can't seem to create a categories under the startup menu that lets user pick from multiple templates.

I've been able to use the MS Publishing Tool for 2013 to

* create categories under the more shapes
* create a categories under startup menu but it doesn't allow for multiple template choices
Any help will be much appreciated

Paul Herber:
I use the tool and have multiple templates, I'm not sure how you are making it not work!
Can you upload a screenshot?

I think I set it up correclt in MS Visio Publishing Tool
See attached 2015-07-27_23-22-42.jpg

Startup screen does not give multiple choices of templates
See attached 2015-07-27_23-25-49.jpg

Paul Herber:
Do you have "featured template" selected for both of them?

Just tried it, no dice. See attached
Unless you are referring to something else


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