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could you like to help me to change a stencil?

Started by xiamen168, July 15, 2015, 07:49:03 AM

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Corner control now behaves itself if shape is flipped left/right.

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How do I reduce the size of this part
best regards!!!


There is a (yellow) control point at the "output" side of the shape, drag it upward (or downward to make the vertical line longer).  If you hover the mouse over the control point, a description will pop up.

If you drag the control point to either the begin point (or the end point), you'll get a horizontal line leading into the shape.


Edit:  note, this control only affects the vertical position.  It does not change the horizontal position.  This was done by choice, so you can do exactly what is described above and not change the horizontal position of the shape.  There is another control which affects the horizontal position only.
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but if change by (yellow) control point,
the outside part of red circle also be changed
i want change to red circle part only.


If you raise the control point, the line segment inside the red circle will get shorter and that will cause the other vertical segment to the right to become longer.  That's all that changes, but both of those have to change to keep the horizontal line, uh, horizontal.  The only other choice is to move the begin point.

Am I missing something?  That's how orthogonal systems work.
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sorry...but not going to do it for you....old adage about fishing and food.

hint, the connector is really a group, go into subshape, see the complex geometry formulas there


thanks everyone!
i will research it myself,
but where is subshape?


Captain Obvious© said: Group or parent shape contain sub-shapes!


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