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Visio to HTML

Started by jjcaruana, May 29, 2015, 07:16:51 PM

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We have a COTS Visio add-in to do all our BPMN process drawings (*).  It needs to be modified so that we can output layered maps when we publish which is done by the add-in software which creates all the HTML files for interactive map viewing.  After much weeping and gnashing of teeth, this has been done.  We just hope we didn't break anything else along the way.

The problem is that we have to generate a map for each of the six layers (departments).  That's not only up-front work but maintenance for all those duplicate maps except for the layers.  It would be great to have buttons that would turn layers on and off on the screen  when the user is viewing a single master map.  I have seen tutorials on creating such button arrays.  However, the users will not be accessing the maps in Visio but in HTML.

And so the question...  Can you create such layering and activation buttons in Visio but have everything functionally delivered via IE on our SharePoint site?

Thanks for the response.


(*) Why pay for a BPMN add-in when Visio has BPMN in it for free?  Succinctly, the one in Visio is crap.  When you get certified buy the guy that wrote the actual OMG BPMN 2.0 spec, you see things a bit differently.  Dr. Bruce Silver is the world's foremost authority on BPMN; his Method and Style book is the BIBLE for all us process freaks.  The add-in (Process Modeler 6) contains validation not only to the spec but to Silver's methodology as well.  Plus, there's an enterprise-level source repository with check in/out, versioning and more plus fantastic support for all BPMN functionality including those dicey call activities and event sub-processes.  We looked at 14 tools to do this...hands down the best of the breed.



Thanks for the response.  Unfortunately, there's nothing in there about making it work in HTML.  Bummer         


have a look at this post.
You'll see that the situation has not evolved that much.

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