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Shapes and Hyperlinks

Started by toddfoll, May 16, 2008, 03:29:17 PM

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I do a lot of page wireframing and struggled with this issue. I build a rough form such as a call to action or nav bar element, and then the graphics people come in when I have done 80 pages and change certain elements. Until I followed the advice of the Visianimation folks I struggled to change every image.
With their advice:
"If you need to use these common elements in multiple drawings, drag them into a new stencil (File > Shapes > New Stencil) and use that stencil with all of your drawings. When you want to make changes, though, you'll have to make them in each drawing's document stencil, since master instances only inherit from the local master (the one added to the document stencil when a shape from another stencil is first added to the drawing). So make the changes in the stencil, then in each drawing's document stencil open the local master for editing, delete the contents, and drag an instance of your modified master into the master's window. Close the window, click OK in the "Update shape and all instances?" dialog, and you'll be good to go." They are a great and helpful tool supplier for visio stuff
ALSO you can include updates and changes with the Hyperlinks which is hugely helpful. Never found this from the visio documentation.

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