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shapes spanning multiple lanes

Started by klo, May 05, 2015, 03:17:58 PM

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In our process excellence group we are capturing all key internal processes to Visio maps and often use lanes to indicate specific roles, using CFF diagrams.  For documentation purposes and to be more user friendly, we often use group container shapes to show related activities in a subprocess.  We'll also use text boxes to lay in some comments, doc samples, etc.  All these things will typically span more than one lane.  With Visio 2013 now we like to use the duplicate function to leverage our process maps for development of new versions, exception processes, etc.  BUT, it appears that the duplicate function can not handle these shapes that span multiple lanes ... always tries to assign the shape to one lane and then stretches everything out all over the place to accommodate these auto adjustments.

Is there any way to use a visio shape that spans multiple lanes without messing up the duplicate function?  Can a shape be dumbed down, or is there a setting that will allow Visio to duplicate the shape as is, or is there a shape somewhere just for these kinds of documentation only purposes?  I want to be able to continue to do this to add clarity to our maps for users, but I also need to be able to duplicate a tab without confusing Visio.

Any suggestions are MUCH appreciated.

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