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Embedding specific page in Word

Started by garrett, May 11, 2015, 08:04:12 AM

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When using Visio 2010 we were able to Insert a Visio Object as a link, then edit that link (Linked Visio Object > Links > Change Source) and apply "Drawing\~[tabname]" in the Item to display the specific page that we want.

However this doesn't seem to work in Visio 2013  :o. I can insert it okay but when I go back to change source and apply the item I get "Objects in this document contain links to files that cannot be found. The linked information will not be updated."

Please note that I haven't had any luck finding what has changed on the www. I have done some crazy searching  ???.



I have worked this out - this was a Trust Centre issue with Word. When I insert the visio object from a trusted location it works as expected. And now I have added the location of my visio files to the Trusted Locations. Apologies for that  :-[.

Happy to delete this post or have it deleted... but may be useful to someone else, sometime...?  :-\

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