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Checking if cell exists

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Sorry for sticking with my previous idea.

Have a look at the attachment. It shows that you don't need complicated tweaking for displaying both an icon and the text.

Correct me if I misunderstood.

Thanks guy's, I should have said I'm not in control of the diagram. I'm allowing the user to create new Icon Set's where they can select shape, size and colors using an add-in. They also have the option to display the 'label' which is the bit I'm having problems with. Once created they can use the standard Visio capability to attach them to shapes in the document. As I want the text inside the icon the callout, although a great idea doesn't achieve what I'm after. The attached shows an example of the output, but the formula doesn't guarantee success. Infact generating the example gave a result where visDGField is appended with a letter rather than a number!  :'(

Hi guy's, thanks for your input, much appreciated.

To close this out and spending far too many hours working out how Data Graphics (DG) work behind the scenes, I have landed on a less than ideal but workable solution. By creating DG as a 'Text Callout' but adding the values it can evaluate to at time of creating the master you can get a graphic with both text and color changes. This will allow the use to create elliptical and polygon shapes of varying width/height and select the color for each DG. After creating they can be use it in the same way as standard DG Text Callout to associate with a Shape Data field. As I said the only issue is the operator/value/color are part of the master, but I think this works as good as I can get, unless someone knows a trick I haven't found! For now, I've wasted enough hours on this.


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