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Web Export in Firefox

Started by EddieTurbo, May 16, 2008, 02:28:01 PM

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I have saved a Visio file in html format and the left hand navigation bar is fully operational in IE6. However in FireFox v2 the Java (presumably) control is not displayed. Therefore there is no ability to search etc....

Is the html export from Visio compatible with FireFox? Is there any way around the issue?



Visio Guy

Hi Eddie,

I haven't checked this rigorously in a while, but I think the story goes like this:

The "advanced" features of the web export, such as the very-nice Pan & Zoom, and the Search functionality depend on a vector representation of the exported diagram. This vector representation is created via VML, a just-about-dead vector language that only runs in Internet Explorer, as far as I know. Ah propriety!

If the VML capability is not present, the display reverts to the 'backup bitmap', which is usually a .jpg, but can probably be specified under the web-export options. You'll still get hyper-linking hot zones, but I think a lot of the other stuff goes away.

Perhaps there is a VML plug-in for FireFox, but I don't know if even that would solve the problem.
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