Author Topic: Smart Header / Banner Shape using SETATREF functions.  (Read 4496 times)

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Smart Header / Banner Shape using SETATREF functions.
« on: March 20, 2015, 02:23:54 PM »
It was tempting to put this in the What's with SETATREF anyway? topic, but, I thought it might get buried and lost.  So, here's a new topic instead.  This still deals with using SETATREFEXPR() and SETATREFEVAL() functions; specifically, applying them to text features. 

The goal was to make a shape which could be stretched across the top of a page (or wherever) as a header / banner.  As it stretches, the font size remains constant (normal behavior), but the spacing increases proportionally with shape width.  It is a form of text justification...only better!

If nothing else, it demonstrates the adaptability of the SETATREF functions.


PS:  My apologies if this has been done before, I did not do any searching.

PSS:  Might be nice to have a new posting category, SETATREF ???
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