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SetAtRef et al.

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Ah!  Yes, I would say your terminology is probably correct.  What threw me off was
   SETATREF(x,y) = x
   SETATREF(x,y) = y

While those may be valid statements, context is crucial!  Each represents a step in progress of the function executing.

As an end user, I can only share my experiences and my understanding as a result of those experiences.  So, while I try to be accurate, don't take what I share as authoritative.  Indeed, I still make discoveries and experience "Aha!" moments.

Back to your question about single argument...yes it's valid.  It is one of the MS examples.  Yes, it is the less common form seen. In addition, there are other ways to exploit SETATREF to effectively have two "references".  This last scenario involves placing SETF inside the SETATREF function.

Examples are in the Visio file.


Wapperdude thank you amazing work on helping us understand SETATREF() better, still getting my head around it but it is already solving my problem with the behavior of the List structure shape. Only SETATREF works for this, GUARD() does nothing to protect my formulas in this case.

@Visisthebest:  don't know if you've seen this development,, but it's a quasi tutorial on the Setatref() family of functions.

Yes I meant that topic as well thank you Wapperdude, very useful Visio example files to understand SETATREF functions better!



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