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Can you help vbs position, size, layer and lock

Started by GeorgeTX, April 28, 2016, 04:24:14 PM

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Hello, thanks for looking.
I am worn out and need to study VBA, but can you help this once?
I wish to drop a 800x600 picture into visio, resize it and set it as a background on a layer, while I annotate over the top of it.
I would drop the picture, and select it, then run the macro, which will:
1.   Position it at an absolute position relative to the ruler
2.   Size it to (lets say)  300x200
3.   Create a layer and move it to that layer
4.   Lock the item from selection
Thanks George.


Hi, George!

Do you need learn VBA or VBS (i.e. VBScript) ?
if you mean VBA, you can run macro-recorder, make your 4 step. And analise that code


another resource to consider is the v2010 sdk (which supports vba examples), it's free.

al edlund

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