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Foreground/background page misalignment on export/paste--bug and workaround

Started by MilesT, February 15, 2015, 11:44:35 AM

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Version: Visio 2013  (will test this on 2010 and 2007 when I am next at work)

If you use background pages (e.g. swimlane templates, timeline backgrounds, or similar), sometimes when a foreground page which uses a background is exported, the foreground and background won't align in the export as they do on the screen. WYSINWYG

If you have a fixed size foreground page and you have elements which are off-page, then the foreground rendering in some exports will "baseline" the render origin (0,0) from the furthest away offpage element, not the fixed edge of the page.  This is best seen by adding an element bottom left off the fixed page.

I have made a simple visio that demo's this from scratch, so it's not a "funny" with a complex diagram that I am working on (where I first found the problem)

  • JPEG export/save as aligns as you might expect (with the off page elements showing but these can cropped when you paste into word/powerpoint)
  • Copy Drawing and then Paste Special as Bitmap (DIB or Windows) or EMF/WMF shows the misalignment

Solution:  remove the offpage elements and foreground/background will align.

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