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Started by codderz, May 06, 2015, 12:37:56 AM

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I'm having trouble with the behaviour of my connectors. When I draw a connector from one shape to another it just creates a right angle connector as shown in Vis1.PNG, no matter where I tell it to go.

Then when I try and move the arrow to the shape I want, the arrow stays where it was draw and a new midpoint/corner is created and that goes to the shape(Vis2.PNG.)

Can someone please provide some help with getting my connectors to return to normal?



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in russian forum we have same topic :)

try change DynamicsOff to FALSE in PageSheet


Did you guys find an answer? That is exactly what is happening to me


Quote from: Surrogate on May 06, 2015, 10:16:36 AM
try change DynamicsOff to FALSE in PageSheet
are you know what is it ShapeSheet™ ?


Last post in that topic have
Download this stencil, it contain only master. Place it in a folder where you are standard stencil ... Documents \ My Shapes \
And two further ways you
1. if you are allowed on the computer macros when you open the target file. Laid-open stencil. and save your target file, macro placed in the stencil sheet setting removes unnecessary. Further stencil can be closed
2. If the macro is not allowed, you will need to pull out the master list for each of the target document and then delete it. When removing the red square on a piece of disposable sheet setting changes. you need to do this operation on all pages of the target document!


I believe this is the same for V2010 as it is for V2007, have you tried using the right click context menu for the connector(s) in question?  Select one or all connectors, right click, change the connector behavior to straight, and then back to right angle.  This will remove all of the anomalous bends and twists.

Also, if, while you hold the <cntl> key down, you can drag and position end points, elbow points, and center points without disturbing the other parts of the connector.  This would allow you to manually reposition / reshape the connector.

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This actually happens very often when the connector is included in a group shape.
Resetting the connector helps (RMC/Reset connector)