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Started by axelgenus, November 12, 2014, 03:24:44 PM

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Hi guys,
I work as a programmer/analyst in an automation engineering company in Italy. I need to use Visio 2010 to draw a MASSIVE (~150 pages) logic diagram (logic gates). The main problem I'm facing is about off-page references: they're useful for electronic use (with hyperlinks) but they're useless if the document gets printed. I need to put the number of the destination page inside the shape otherwise I have to do it manually and belive me I would rather cut my head off. Is there any solution to the problem?

Thank you,

Paul Herber

I'm sure an older version of Visio used to do this by default ...
There might be an easier way to do this ...
Select the source shape, open the shape's shapesheet and scroll down to the Hyperlinks section, copy the Sub-address cell.
Close the shapesheet, do Insert -> Field, select custom and paste.
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You may want to check out this link:  it shows how to show the destination page........  This is an elaboration upon what Paul indicates. 

Attached Visio file was developed for that topic, provided here for easy reference.  But you will need to go to the link to understand it.

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Thank you guys. The formula worked but it shows the page name. I need the page number. As an obvious solution I can rename all pages and call them as the page numbers.