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Drawing Setup Procedure

Started by Mike6, March 11, 2016, 05:48:43 PM

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 I apologize if this is very elementary to everyone. I'm trying to insure that my drawing can always be viewed in the entirety  on one page. Printer paper is 8.5 'x 11"

The floor plan is 200 feet by 100 feet. Can someone walk me thru "page set up" so i can drag scaled stencils onto the page and keep everything in prospective.

Thanks so much


Hi Mike,
Elementary yes, obvious no.
Unfortunately the settings for a proper print out are difficult to work out.

For your specific problem the key is to have the drawing size the same as the printer size and to adjust accordingly the drawing scale.
This is easy to do, but not completely trivial to automate.

Trying to solve your problem I set up a page with a custom property retaining the drawing scale and used it to write automatically the cell DrawingScale in the shapesheet of the page. Unfortunately Visio doesn't recalculate the actual size of the drawing page (pageWidth and pageHeight), so I created a new user cell which triggers a macro each time the drawing scale is changed. The macro recalculates the page's size.
The result is a page that those not resize automatically when you drop a too big shape, but with the capability to do it manually by adjusting the custom property, without having to use the page setup dialog.




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