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Visio Users Introduce Yourselves!

Started by davidoff, January 11, 2009, 07:27:23 PM

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Hi All,
Application support consultant looking to create interactive stuff with Visio


Hello from an engineer in Washington DC.  I've been working with excel for years but a new job has me working with Visio.  I have some basic knowledge but would like to climb to the point where I could be a little more useful that basic diagramming


HI Everyone,

I'm a CS Engineer, specialized in BPM.

I've just found visio and the power it can have (I had, of course, done some diagrams in visio previously) with data graphics.

I prefer the non programming option whenever I can, which is strange for a Computer Science guy. :)

So, hope to learn a lot from the guys up here.



Hello everyone! I am from Tacoma, just like Visio Guy, and teach computer software in Winnipeg, Manitoba, in Canada. I am glad to find this community because I use and teach Visio intermittently and it's great to get to chat with power-users.

On another note, I played trombone with Visio Guy in Junior and Senior high school band.  ;D I still play professionally, and so does he, which is very cool.


Name Stephen

I am new to this group, I am a Visio 2010 basic user and came here looking for help with time line issues.


Hi, all. I am Keith in Orlando (FL), and I have been using Visio on and off ever since Version 4, before it was owned by Microsoft (I think). I mainly use it for process mapping, but have used it for network diagrams, flowcharts, object-relationship models, database models, org charts, and sequence diagrams. I'm currently using Visio 2013's BPMN functionality to map out processes for utility and government software.

Visio Guy

Thanks all, I really need to set a reminder to check this thread more often, it's really fun.

Karin also-from Tacoma, woot woot!
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Get my Visio Book! Using Microsoft Visio 2010


Hello. I'm new to this forum but have been using VISIO since Y2K.
Use it to produce drawings for U.S Navy.
Have a question re VISIO 2013 STANDARD.
I have [or will] post it in GENERAL section rather than here if I don't find the answer in what has already been posted.


Hi all. I live in Southland, New Zealand. I'm a retired builder who's spent the last 20 years building and servicing computers. I installed Visio (2007) because I want to fool about with a house plan. Frankly, I'd rather use a drawing machine, but I don't have the space to set one up (hence the need for a plan), so I'm stuck with a software solution. So here goes. I look forward to talking with you nice people  :)   


FYI....may want to consider sketchup

That said, Visio is much much much (oh did I say much) easier to use than sketchup


Hi Everyone,

I have been working as IT support for the last 10 years but embarrassingly, have only just discovered Visio.  :-[
I require it now as part the documentation process for recording the layout/weight of our server room kits...and am having some trouble acquiring the templates I need.

I figured this may be the best place to find help...and who knows learn some bonus techniques along the way.

:) :) :) :) :) :)


Hi all,

my name is Rolf, located in Germany, and I have known Visio since 2000. Did use it mostly to explain stuff/circuits for pcb hardware design (simple overviews).

Since 2007 used to do electrical block diagrams and schematics, wiring diagrams and detailed mechanical overviews (19 inch racks). Have used connection points (over-)extensively and discovered VBA, shapesheet programming and data connections and used it to create part lists, fill quotation templates or order forms. Currently using Visio 2010.
Looking forward to share experiences and get all my questions answered  :D


I've used the awesome knowledge on this site in the past to stand on the shoulders of giants and do things with Visio that I am pretty proud of :)

One of the things that I have managed to do is take information from MS Project (a project management / planning tool which is brilliant at what it does and terrible at producing pretty pictures which can be shared with senior managers) and export it to Excel and use this to drive a Visio drawing which produces the required prettiness and level of summary.  Each drawing has 3-500 links to be updated each time - which I use "database refresh" to do.



Hi all,

I'm pretty new to the great things Visio can do.  I have over the years only used it for very basic flow charting.  I work at a low level IT help desk am am trying to branch out and get some more skill sets under me. Really enjoying the community here and the wealth of knowledge.  I hope I can contribute in some small way in the future.



Hi All,

Working as an engineer down under... That's Australia for those not understanding the lingo...

I'm new to visio - trying to use it for our Network Layout - ran into a problem putting links into the background page and them not working on foreground pages... seems to be a feature - but it did lead me here :)

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