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Any way to combine multiple dynamic connectors into a single dynamic connector?

Started by VizNoob, January 30, 2015, 08:40:45 PM

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Hi, my first post (so go easy, please).    :)

Using Visio 2010, I have a drawing which has evolved over time.  I've joined new connectors to existing connectors to extend complex paths around the drawing. I'd like to combine several separate connectors into a single, continuous connector.  No curves, no fills, nothing fancy, just several right angle single-line connectors that should be combined into a single connection.  I've tried grouping but that makes it hard to follow the course of the path since once grouped, a bounding box represents the combination (instead of a longer line with all the connection points visible).  I'd prefer to end up with a true dynamic connector so that if I click on one end of it, the entire length of the connector, with all its turns, is highlighted when selected.  As it is now, clicking along an evolved connection path only highlights the immediate portion of the path, and I have to select the adjacent segments separately.

Is there a way to do this?

Going forward, is there a better way to extend an existing connector, add turns, etc. without creating separate simple connectors and joining them end to end?  I don't mind doing it the "right way" going forward, but my current challenge is a drawing full of separate connectors and limited time for cleaning up the mess.

TIA for any insights.


There's probably multiple ways to do this, none particularly easy, though.  But, what occurs to me, and is relatively easy for your present multiple configuration is this.

Select one of the connectors, and convert it to a group.  This will break it's connection to it's master, but, should not pose a problem.  Then, open it's shapesheet, and confirm that, in the protection section, make sure that LockCalcWH is set to 1.  Close shape sheet.  With the connector still selected, additionally select all of the other attached connectors, and then add to group.  The group selection will still be just the original connector.  But, now, if you change the group color, all of the connectors will change to that color.  Sort of a poor man's way of highlighting.

Well, that's my initial thought on this.

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