Visio backward synchronization

Started by Nikolay, December 02, 2014, 05:38:44 PM

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Fixed (
Now there should be, first, a reasonable error message if you call the Add-in when there is no active document.
Second, you can now pass in the document to the Synchronize method (if not passed then active document is assumed by default)

I.e. now you can call it like this (where "doc" is the document you want to sync):

Application.ComAddins("BackSync").Object.Synchronize doc

The issue was that when you either open or close document, active document is Nothing.
I.e. now it should work also from DocumentOpened / BeforeDocumentClosed (if you pass in the document)


Hi Nikolay,

i've now implemented everything, it isn't really fast over a networkshare but that's ok.

Thank you very much for your excellent work, you saved my life !

Kind regards



Sorry for bringing this old topic up again, but the sourcecode is no longer available.. Any chance on getting that ?


Hmm I closed public access to the repo when I started selling the thing about 8 years ago (the repo contains encryption/license keys) ::)

But it does not bring much though I'm thinking of removing the keys and bringing the repo back to public acccess.

For now, please drop me an email ( or, under the condition you are not selling it I'll just grant you access to the repository (it is still there,  just not public)
Please mention your real name in the email.