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Creating VSLs

Started by caolen, September 02, 2014, 08:05:52 PM

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Has anyone seen any training for creating VSLs for Visio 2013 using C++ in Visual Studio 2013?  I'm looking for a template and some step-by-step instructions.


Why would you need a VSL in year 2014?
As far as I understand, it has no advantages over the other approaches (COM / VSTO)
I.e. in the times of Visio 2000 a VSL could do something COM couldn't but that's not the case anymore, as far as I know.

Anyways, the one from the Visio 2010 SDK still can be compiled with Visual Studio 2013


If you are not fixed on VSL, but want an Add-in written in C++ (in Visual Studio 2013) then you can give a try to my project template:

To install from within Visual Studio 2013:
Tools -> Extensions and updates -> Online -> C++ Visio COM Addin -> Install.


WiX does unfortunately not run on Studio Express Editions.


How do you create a setup in VS Express 2013?
(I don't have express, so I'm not quite sure)

Does the Visual Studio Installer project work in 2013 Express, i.e. does this one work in Express?


QuoteHow do you create a setup in VS Express 2013?
I don't. Full edition is required.
I tried playing around with NetOffice (, but it does not yet support Visio.
So I'm still stuck with VBA.

The visual installer doesn't work neither with the express edition.


Hi Yacine.

In principle it is possible to build the installer with WIX without Visual Studio installed at all, i.e. VS is not required to build installer..
You could simply run MSBUILD for the solution from the command line, and that's it.

The template could be improved to not require WiX to be installed in VS, but use whatever installer VS got..

I think ideal to solve this problem with installations "once and for all" :) could be something like WebApps in JavaScript/HTML and store online.
So that the app

- can be modified centrally for all users.
- (almost) no installation
- will be compatible with online version of the Visio (if it ever comes, yea)
- it is easy to build rich user interface with HTML

What would you think about this idea (it's about macroces, but I think it wold be better to speak about "web-based" apps - like in a panel in Visio for example)?


Sounds nice, but is as inaccessible as the professional version of visual studio, because VSTO is also not in the express edition.


Just to inform: from now on, the Visual Studio Professional (under the name "Community Edition") is available for free:

Means, one can use any VS extensions (like WiX or Deployment project) for free. Thanks M$ :)


Does this mean, VSTO is included??? Haleluja! Wix! all the good stuff  :o !


Wix/Setup project/Resharper are working. Did not find the VSTO though :-\


Guess you did not need to download yourselves. There many packages missing. Installed it partially yesterday evening.
Will try to find the missing packages on the net.

Paul Herber

When I had the full VS2010 installed it slowed my laptop down so much. Uninstalling it was like a breath of fresh air!
Electronic and Electrical engineering, business and software stencils for Visio -


Yes, quite heavy package ... of which one would use only a tiny bit.

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