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3-D Rotation Properties in shapesheet of visio 2013

Started by cliff50, November 11, 2014, 05:32:42 AM

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in Visio 2013   I notice the inclusion of 3-D Rotation Properties section.
This section is available in the shapesheet even when I make a simple 2D shape, box circle etc.

Have any you guys experimented with this section in the shapes shapesheet, how is it meant to work?
It seems as if the "house of Vis" have provided a 3-D  avenue for programmers to explore. 

Wish I could find some examples of how this shapesheet section is used. ???

My only thoughts for the moment,  would be to encode macros similar to June's examples of "3D rotation with perspective" and use these new shapesheet cells to interact\interface with the June's macros.



Generally speaking, all 3D effects are similar with 3D effects in Word 2010 or later.
For Visio shapesheet, 3-d rotation properties, there are too simple documents in Microsoft Office Dev Center.
For example for Perspective cell,
I was interested in 3D effects in Visio 2013, and examined totally.
3D rotation in Visio is rotation of Euler's angle of YXZ type.
But I am sorry I am too old to remember all in details.
Best Regards,

Junichi Yoda


thank you June

I think your reference maybe to this link->

As I recall, your study of 3D rotation with perspective was accomplished prior to visio 2013  ( I think your posted examples were created using the visio 2010 platform)

very informative for me. :)


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