Visio 2013 - Unable to change Shape Data for Pool ( not Lane)

Started by Mita, July 31, 2014, 01:59:41 AM

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Hi All,

I am trying to change the Shape Data for Pool/Lane shape from a copy of the BPMN shapes stencil in Visio 2013.

Everytime I open the master shape for Pool/Lane via Edit Master Shape - it opens the Lane option.  On saving it to my stencil - when i drag the shape into a drawing - the default shape which shows up is Pool which does not have the new shape data.

Could someone let me know how to go about adding the shape data so that it shows up when i use a Pool pl.



I have a similar problem (I think - or at least it may have the same root cause).

I have created a custom stencil from the supplied stencil "BPMN Basic Stencil".  Did this using "Save As" of the BPMN Basic Stencil.   So far so good.

I close everything, create an empty document, check to make sure there's no "Document Stencil" elements (again so far so good) but...

When I drag in my pool/lane from my custom stencil, Visio annoyingly opens the "BPMN Basic Shapes" stencil thus making it the active stencil in the left hand pane.

My users (and me if I'm not paying attention) then start using the supplied stencil shapes rather than my custom shapes.

EVERY other shape is fine (ie. they do not open the supplied stencil).  Any idea how I can switch off this behaviour?