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Visio Internal Error #2200

Started by Paul Herber, November 26, 2013, 12:44:36 AM

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I too am experiencing the same error. Here is my work around. Open the stencil file (vss or vssx) by a double click of the file via Explorer. The stencil will open in another session of Visio. Open your working drawing in another session of Visio. Now you can drag objects from the stencil only screen to the working drawing. You can also drag them into your "Favorites" of the working drawing and they will save.
Something of a pain to open two sessions, but it works. Recommend using dual monitors if you have the option.


Thanks for the response.  That does seem like a lot of trouble to make it work.  Did this error start when you first started using Visio 2013 Professional or develop after several weeks or months of using it?  The first month or so everything worked perfect with my system and then all of the sudden it started kicking up the error.


What works for me is to go: More Shapes | Open Stencil (at bottom of panel) | it brings up an Open Stencil screen and I navigate to My Stencils and select the one(s) I want (you can use Ctrl to select multiple)

Paul Herber

I've now got another customer with the same problem.  Custom installed stencils with initial letter > P give this error. This is with stencils installed with a .msi installer and the Visio Solution Publishing Tool.
Is there anyone else who has Visio 2013 who would care to download my sampler from, say:
and see if all seven stencils load correctly?
Electronic and Electrical engineering, business and software stencils for Visio -

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