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Visio 2013 gives error 318 on copy with certain shapes

Started by abssorb, October 08, 2014, 12:16:57 AM

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Visio 2013 gives error 318 on copy with certain shapes.  There are smartshapes in the document stencil which pull in data from the background sheet.   These shapes cause a #318 error when "Copy" is used on any page except background.  The exact same file works perfectly in Visio 2003.

An Error (318) occurred during the action Copy.
Referenced cell Pages[Sheet.4]! does not exist

I've spent hours trying to find which cell or formula references Pages[Sheet.4] but I can't find anything.  I also don;t think anything is referencing thedoc which I've found as a possible using search.

Very grateful for any advice.

Paul Herber

Can you attach a document containing just the original shape?
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