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Feature request: Editing Corners
« on: September 14, 2014, 05:15:18 AM »
I'd value a feature, that allows to define the behaviour of corners.

In other words, to set the behaviour of geometry rows in relation to either the boundaries of the shapes or other corners (rows).

Let's say you want to draw an arrow and have the aspect ratio of the point to stay constant. You would then define the point parting from the tip as relative to the right and top of the shape as shown in the picture.

Similar behaviour could be enhanced with functions like fix / relative distance from another point (corner) to select separately.

All this can already be done in the shapesheet, but having it at UI level would be so much more comfortable.

This behaviour exists already for connection points, only that there also it has to be written in the shapesheet.

And while dreaming, one could imagine having a relational design tool, like they exist already in modern 3D-Design software (eg Solid works), so as to dimension the elements of a shape relatively to other geometries (angle, distance, parallelism, perpendicularity, ...). Visio has these capabilities, it's "just" a matter of adapting the UI.
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