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Work sheet standart.
« on: August 25, 2014, 07:28:06 AM »
Hello All,
Inspired by another topic i will share with you a template i have created for work (it is in Bulgarian but i hope this is not a big issue. i don't have time to translate...)
ALL VARIABLE are imputed is in the shape data window of the heather or footer

Main things about it:
- MAINLY this is used to put tables from Excel into Visio. There is a shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+V) that "paste special as a picture". Whatever copied information, is pasted, it is pasted as picture, switches the page orientation from portrait to landscape, depending of the proportion of the copied thing, re-sizes the picture so it can fit with the width of the page, and locks the PinX and PinY fields so you can re-size more if needed equally from both (or forth if you grab the corner) sides.

- double click "buttons" ( i didn`t find a solution to be an actual button because i want this to be unlimited pages template), heather and footer are adjusting to any page size and orientation.
- Post field (in this case Post 1 ) is re-sizing the text size so it can fit in the borders of the field
-different processes codes (we are a Japaneses factory... so we have codes for anything :) ) are showing by selecting true or false (it depends what process you have.) All this is editable in the shapesheet.
-heather and footer are linked. in the bottom left side you have an row with and index (in this case "A") and it is represented in the footer in the top right corner (in this case "WI-E-29002-A"). When you add a revision of the document, the upper right corner is changing by it self.

Secondary things.
- If you add a new page, the code copies all the buttons plus heather and footer nothing else that you have added. it copies with all the changes. in the footer there is a field "legend" it sets it to true.
- next revision "button" copies all the information with one row lower so it can clear the top row.
- you can create PDF files from any page to any page and save them with the Windows 7 save dialog box (special thanks to Surrogate for that :) ). The PDF name is generated automatically from heather containing "WI-E" & doc number & post

All of this you can see in the code, and in the shapesheet :)

Special thanks to all of you. There are several topics from me, that are part of this final product :)

If you have any suggestion to improve this file - I`m open :)

Thanks All again !!! :)


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Re: Work sheet standart.
« Reply #1 on: August 25, 2014, 12:13:50 PM »
Nice automation job, despite I would have prefered that you make new files for new versions and that you put the header and the footer on the background.  ;D


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Re: Work sheet standart.
« Reply #2 on: August 25, 2014, 02:32:00 PM »
Well this is what i need... It is adjustable :)