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Sentence Diagramming Shapes

Started by wapperdude, February 14, 2009, 07:34:10 PM

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I quickly assembled some basic shapes for use with sentence diagramming.  Bring back nightmares?   :'(  >:(  I elected to NOT use smart shapes to keep this simple to use.  Visio has the habit of capitalizing the first letter, but this can be corrected with the text tool.  The length of the lines changes with the amount of text entered.  I deliberately made the shapes relatively inflexible, so that the focus would be on the task and not Visio.

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Here's updated version, has a few more of the standard diagramming shapes.  I know you're aching to use these!   :o  OK, I'm bored.

Also, on same stencil are the "whacky" or "indexed" version of the shapes, complete with Visio Guy's randomization.  You know, that hand-drawn, informal look!   ;D
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Since Visio Guy's example received so much attention, I found the attached example of the US Constitution Preample on a website, and decided to use the shapes to see if I could recreate it.  In doing so, I made some minor tweaks and added a general purpose line.  Note, the first group of shapes are normal, the 2nd group of shapes are the "wacky" shapes.  The update only impacted the wacky shapes since the normal line tool can be used for the normal shapes.
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