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Started by aledlund, December 29, 2008, 02:18:41 PM

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Recently one of the posts caught my eye on line jumps in layout and routing, so I went looking for some demo code to test against. The v2007 sdk has an advanced LOR demo that was a good place to start. This visio drawing is just some vba code to allow testing of different placement and routing settings.
Have fun,

Paul Herber

Hi Al, any chance of some instructions on what to do with this, even the button on page 1 isn't obvious!
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This is quite fascinating.  I agree with Paul, some short explanation would be beneficial to expedite usage.  This is really neat.   ;)
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Sorry about that.

The original demo code reads an array of integers that is used to create a multi-page document with different page layout placement and routing selections. My first thought was to add some different arrays (those are now stored in the Array module) so that I could look at how hierarchys are laid out. However as I was building the 'test' arrays the requirements changed (surprise). The other two modules hold the constants (visio cell value definitions) and some basic code.
The button on the first page of the document pulls up a multi-tab form that has two functions (for me), drawing a custom page with various attributes, drawing multiple pages to compare attributes.

The requirements turned out to be
a.) the ability to select layout, routing, and line jump attributes and draw a single discrete page. The cell selections are mirrored to the first tab. Select the combination and press discrete.
b.)  I wanted to check out which child shapes were placed where and the interaction of connection points.
Checking the rectangle box draws named rectangles instead of the default shapes so I can spot when Visio moves shapes.
Checking connections adds connection points to the rectangles/shapes to understand connector layouts.
c.) the prebuilt arrays can be selected in the listbox and press the draw arrays.
d.) clear deletes all the pages except the first one.

Not horribly sophisticated, just something to play with. There should be enough variations in the examples so that it will be easy to take apart.


Paul Herber

That's great, thanks Al.
It's just that when I initially loaded it, I could see the macros but not what they did, my default zoom and the grid sort of hid the 'Create' button.

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exactly fantastic!!!! sometimes i regret not being an IT or IS guy.

however i would like to use this function for Manufacturing modelling or Warehouse modelling.
I am working on a new factory investment.

i have to work work work!!!