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Visio 2000 Page border has disappeared

Started by Wyle Cyote, August 14, 2014, 09:29:36 AM

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Wyle Cyote

After restoring to before the updates in the 13th/14th, the windows updates reappeared on the Windows Update list of available updates. The Office updates have not reappeared.
So I read the KnowledgeBase article about each one, together with reports on other sites which revealed
   KB2976897 is widely reported for causing BSODs
   KB2982791 and
   KB2970228 have been withdrawn by Microsoft, although they still appear on the list!
   KB2952664 is an enormous update only to prepare for your upgrade to Window 8 (as if you would!)

These four were hidden and the rest were applied. I am pleased to report that all is now well.
It is a sad state of affairs that we now should have to check every update and not rely on automatic updates.

The other thing that is worrying me is that all the Office updates that I backed out are not being re-offered to me.


Glad that things are better!  As for the Office updates, they usually become available after some time has gone by, don't remember if it's days or weeks.

Visio 2019 Pro


Visio 2000 went non-support years ago, and the updates with them.

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