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Multiple Programs Launch with Visio 2010

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I am having an unusual problem after installing Visio 2010. When I start Visio 2010 it takes a long time to load (around 5 mins), then Visio opens but multiple other problems also launch at the same time, many of these are not installed programs but only exe files. About 20 of them start. Once I aborted the Visio start (by killing the process) and the next time I asked to start Visio it offered to start in Safe mode. Visio launched no problem but alot of the features in safe mode are not operable.

The PC is a Windows 7 machine. It had Office 2010 Professional installed, and I then installed Visio 2010. I purchased Visio 2010 via Open Licence and downloaded an ISO. (Note the installation did not ask for a licence key, also the ISO says it is Premium).

If any one can help to point in the right direction I would be very grateful, it is a annoying and difficult problem.

*** Problem now solved, see below***

This has happened on one other PC but only 1 other program launched so that was only a minor inconvenience.

Regards Hans

Sounds like a very very bad infection.

Where did you get the image? Official channels?

Paul Herber:
Once Visio is open check File -> Options -> Advanced -> File Locations
and ensure that the Start-up path is not set to something silly.
(I think you'll have to do this NOT is safe mode).

Hi Paul,

I noticed an earlier post that you did on a similiar experience and checked that I did change the Startup directory to one with multiple exe files. Once this was changed the problem disappeared. Thanks for your assistance.

Regards Hans


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